Hawks Soccer Club

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Sports Science

Provide our players and teams with access to video analysis, player readiness and performance monitoring


Our players have access to quality facilities, equipment  and playing surfaces. We continue the practice of having athletic trainers available at matches and training

Readiness App

Our players have access to mobile apps to help them monitor their readiness before training as well as reflect on their performance after matches and training

Video Analysis

Our matches are professionally analyzed to provide our teams, players,and coaches with the stats and info they need to monitor their progress

Sports Medicine

Our partnership with MedSports, one of the country's leading specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy, provides our athletes with physical performance training, access to the best orthopedic surgeons and, return to play programs 

High Performance Plan

Our players have access to a database of player evaluations and an individual player development pathway. We identify those who need a different environment to help them thrive and offer them opportunities to train with older/younger groups or with boys teams.

Our Team

Michele Krzisnik

ECNL Coach / U13 Technical Advisor

Curtis Ward

ECNL Coach

Adil T. Salmoni

ECNL Coach

Joe Zawacki

Director of Goalkeeping

Nate Stovall

ECNL Coach

Derek Williford

ECNL Coach

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Join us, on Monday April 16 at 6:30 pm at the McDowell Center on the Schoolcraft College campus, as we share our plans for the 2018-2019 season and unveil the exciting programs that our players and teams will participate in.



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We are happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunities that await you with the Michigan Hawks and how we can help guide you through your player development pathway 

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